Those days where you take a million selfies and looking at the thumbnails you’re like “aw hell yea” and then you make them bigger and you’re like “….da fuck” 
the I give up.
but my tattoo is healed!!! fuck yaaa
i got invited to a native american harvest pow wow today.
I am very excited. perfect way to enjoy the autumn weather. \m/

Moonrise Sonata, by Colin H. Sillerud
tbt? even though its not me… to july 2013. my beautiful love in our home.
so homesick i wanna puke
rainy/gloomy days are the fucking best when you live in a rainforest

"you know when you were a kid in school and you had a field trip the next day and you were so excited you tried to go to bed early to help the time past faster, but you can’t sleep because you’re nervous, and time stays the same?

that’s how I feel about you coming home.”


i am in a puddle on the floor.

Así de grande son las ideas - Calle 13

Se hacen eternas cuando las quieren
y siempre viven y nunca mueren.
Cuando se duermen son indefensas
y se despiertan cuando las piensas.
Y las atacan y las defienden
las más valiosas nunca se venden.
Alcanzan todo lo que desean,
Así de grande son las ideas.

Cutest shit I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to bleed all over it hahaha

Redcurrant berries ♡