Martyn Thompson
I wear my glasses so much that sometimes I forget what I look like without them. Weird.
Besides the questionable articles about Myanmar and the constant mentioning of their partnerships with The Coca Cola Company…I am enjoying the Spring 2014 issue of the WWF magazine as my morning read.

Roseate Spoonbill
I am obsessed.

ok yes.

thank you ape.

"By the early decades of the twentieth century, public health authorities in England and the United States could no longer ignore the links between refined white flour and widespread nutritional deficiencies, including beriberi, as well as increases in the rates of both heart disease and diabetes. But by now the White Flour Industrial Complex was so well entrenched that a shift back to whole-grain flour was never seriously contemplated.

Instead, the milling industry and government came up with a clever technological fix: A handful of vitamins that modern milling had removed from bread would now be put back in. So in the early 1940’s, in what was called “the quiet miracle,” the U.S. government worked with baking companies—including the Continental Baking Company, makers of Wonder Bread—to develop and promote a white bread fortified with a handful of B vitamins. Here was a classic capitalist “solution”. Rather than go back and address a problem at it’s source—the processing of key nutrients out of wheat—the industry set about processing the product even more. This was sheer brilliance: The milling industry could now sell the problem and the solution in one neat package.”

Cooked: A Natural History Of Transformation, MICHAEL POLLAN

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