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i am v stoked about my giant salad for dinner.

v stoked about spending time with this cutie and her partner today. wonderful food, wonderful conversation, wonderful day.
(already told her this) she has been one of the few people who has consistently reached out to me during my time here. thank you, jess. it means more than I can convey.

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I’m starting a new relationship in my “food journey” and one aspect of it is  to incorporate things into my diet that my ancestors loved. As some of you may know, my mother is Italian; her parents are from Tuscany (Viareggio & Lucca). 
I recently discovered that my great-grandfather had an intense love for figs, and his son, my nonnie’s brother, had fig trees in his yard his entire life.
So, today…right now, I am eating my first fig. I know the quality cannot be matched but I definitely enjoy them. I love introducing my body to something for the first time. ^.^
"Like the pesticides applied to a farm field, antibiotics “work”, at least in the short term. Yet as soon as you widen the lens from a narrow focus on the “enemy species,” you see that that such blunt weapons inflict collateral damage to the larger environment, including, in the case of pesticides, the microbial community of the soil. Resistant bugs and various other health problems soon emerge; the soil’s ability to nourish plants and help them withstand disease is also compromised, because the toxins have reduced the community’s biodiversity and thereby compromised it’s resilience. As in the soil, so in the gut. The drive for control and order ends up leading to more disorder."

Michael Pollan, Cooked.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.


Olya Ivanova

JoAnn Verburg, First Day Back in Italy (Pisa) , 1998

My maidenhair fern and fungi♥ 
"The truth is, I didn’t tell them (about my sexual abuse) because I didn’t want anyone to think this was why I was a lesbian. I didn’t want my queer friends or my straight friends or anyone I encountered to think that my experiences with men made me write them off, made me choose to be with women because it was safer. I didn’t want them to think this trauma was my root. And secretly I wasn’t ever totally sure that it wasn’t."

Jessica Probus- LGBT Youth Also Need to Hear “I Believe You, It’s Not Your Fault”- Autostraddle (via the-elle-co)

dude yes. one of the reasons I’ve never told my mom.

(except for the last line. that isn’t true for me, personally)

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Edit: I made some changes. Instead of thyme, I used a spicy blend of.. spices? Ha! One of the pre-mixed bottles of “Cajun” type deals (that happened to have thyme in it). Also, I patted a bit of cornmeal on the outside to give it a nice crisp. It was wonderful. My parents were a big fan.