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"But in any situation where you begin to breathe quickly, more shallowly, and your heart slams against your ribs, you can pause, and remember that within you, there’s a constant & accessible stillness.

So, if you find that it works, kindly remind yourself: I am an Ocean. With a turbulent surface, yes. Sometimes stormy. Sometimes placid. And below, a rocky bottom, littered with bits of broken glass, arrowheads from battles past, rocks, dirt and mud. But between? An incredible depth. Always still, no matter how tumultuous the surface; how jagged the floor.”
Kristen Hedges

What does sustainable living truly mean and how is this meaning variable depending on culture and context? Although (coffee) producers espouse the virtues of organic production in coffee fields, environmentalism has not become an all-encompassing way of life. […] Are the the consumers in the North who purchase glossy magazines like Organic Style, more committed to organic principles than the organic coffee producers who throw their wrappers of their processed cookies and crackers on the ground during cooperative meetings while discussing improved production methods and reforestation? […] The U.S. has a footprint of 9.7 hectares (the land needed to produce resources she consumes and to absorb the waste she produces), for Guatemala, it’s 1.2. This disparity speaks to the larger contradictions inherent in a system that celebrates commodification as the best solution to the environmental problems and inequalities produced by capitalism. ” —Sarah Lyon, Coffee and Community: Maya Farmers and Fair-Trade Markets