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Recently, I’ve been seeing Alice Waters’ name in the literature I’m reading and decided to do further research. She was one of the first restaurant owners to really incorporate locally grown, organic food into her kitchen. Her restaurant, Chez Panisse in California (pictured above) is known for changing it’s menu daily to reflect what’s in season. She says,

We have a network of probably eighty-five people that we buy from during the course of the year; a couple of them we buy from every day. We have a farm that we’re connected with: we take our compost up to the farm, and we bring back the vegetables. It’s a beautiful arrangement. 

I’ve come to realize just how important chefs are in a sustainable food system.

She has also started The Edible Schoolyard Project. 

In short, she is a fantastic woman and if you would like to find out more here are a few sources. [One. Two.] 

Photograpy (last four) by Aya Brackett

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